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Suitable for stages: Key Stage 1 , Key Stage 2 , Pre-School / Foundation


These calendars are very simple and effective ways to introduce your class to events throughout the year. Or you can use them for your own organising!


There are two types of calendar available:

Tile: There is a large tile for each day so you can write on each individual day


Picture: The top of each month of this calendar features a large space where you can draw, stick or attach pictures. They could be done by your class, they could be photos of things you have done in each month or be the best work from the month too.

These are also good to be used for each child, they could draw something that is important from each of those months as they go through the year, or things that reminds them of that month etc.


Both calendars are available for the whole school year (september 12-13 or for the whole of 2013)


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201213_Picture_Calenda.pdf 2012/13 Picture Calendar
201213_Tile_Calenda.pdf 2012/13 Tile Calendar
2013_Picture_Calenda.pdf 2013 Picture Calendar
2013_Tile_Calenda.pdf 2013 Tile Calendar

Screenshots of Classroom Calendars teaching resource

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