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Viking Resource Pack

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Suitable for stages: Key Stage 1 , Key Stage 2


Resource pack for teaching about the Vikings.


Each area has a home page with lots of information to explore with your class with a dedicated quiz.


There is also an activity PDF you can download relating to each area too.


Also have a look at a great page for all the teachers resources page you could need with pictures, videos and worksheets.


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Vk_beliefs_and_storie.pdf Beliefs and stories
Vk_family_lif.pdf Family life
Vk_trade_and_exploratio.pdf Trade and exploration
Vk_viking_raider.pdf Viking raiders
Vk_viking_settlement.pdf Viking settlements
Vk_viking_town.pdf Viking towns
Vk_vikings_at_hom.pdf Vikings at home
Vk_vikings_at_se.pdf Vikings at sea
Vk_what_happene.pdf What happened to them?
Vk_who_were_the_viking.pdf Who were they?

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